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Coaching Your Salesperson through a Deal that is Pushing. 3 Minute Role Play with John McMahon, Board Member at MongoDB, Snowflake, and Sprinklr

By | on 02, Jun 2020 |   Go-To-Market Playbook Webinar

“Bad news. The deal is slipping to next quarter.” 

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I Cut My Marketing Budget. Now what? 5 Minutes with Former Rapid7 CMO, Carol Meyers

By | on 26, May 2020 |   Go-To-Market Management Webinar

Our campaign budget has been cut. Our staff has been reduced. We are in line with the post-COVID company plan. Now what? As marketers, how can we optimize our time to help our company accelerate throu[...]

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[ROLE PLAY] Customer Cancellation Call with OJ, CRO @Asana and former VP of Sales @Dropbox

By | on 08, May 2020 |

For most businesses, economic performance and the volume of customer cancellation calls are inversely correlated. Not surprisingly, many have experienced an accelerated volume of these types of calls [...]

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“COVID19” in sales emails decreases reply rates by 40%. See what else we learned with Sydney Sloan, CMO @SalesLoft

By | on 30, Apr 2020 |   Go-To-Market Management Webinar

Which demand generation tactics are most effective post market downturn? 

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Managing Investor and CEO Expectations, including Elon Musk! 5 Minutes with Jon McNeill, Former President @Tesla

By | on 23, Apr 2020 |   Leadership Management Webinar

During an economic downturn, one of our toughest responsibilities as senior management is “managing up”.  What was once a supportive, relatively passive relationship with our investors has suddenly ev[...]

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